Reverend Carol Morrison retires

August 31, 2022

After much thought and prayer I have come to the decision to retire early from my role as Rector at Keston Parish Church. This will bring to an end my 10-year relationship with this beautiful ancient place of worship, and its lovely people. (10 years apart from my short spell in Burrswood in Tunbridge Wells)

I have enjoyed living in two different Rectories – having worked with the Diocese to sell the old one on Commonside and buy the new one in The Dale. We have had a fruitful time joining the more traditional with some innovative ways to meet with God – some of which have not yet come back from the pandemic and others, like our Prayer Walks, which have thrived in spite of it.

Neil and I have felt so at home in this wonderful community and seen quite a lot of change in the village and parish – even in this relatively short space of time! We have so valued the great neighbours in both Commonside and The Dale, our current neighbours being such a wonderful group of people throughout the pandemic!

I will miss so much about Keston and will be praying that your next Rector will also enjoy the privilege of being with your all.

Rev Carol Morrison


Our Vision Statement

To welcome and embrace all who come into this beautiful ancient place of peace to be blessed, healed and equipped by God for the challenges of everyday life.