If you are visiting this page because you have recently lost a loved one, we offer you our sincere condolences at this difficult time. A Funeral, Memorial Service or Thanksgiving Service can be a poignant time for those who want to honour a loved one who has passed away.

The service needs to reflect what you want to convey about the deceased and also help you in your grief. We will work with you to ensure your choices are included in the service.

During one of these services you can give thanks for all that the person meant to you, you would hopefully find hope for tomorrow, drawing strength from the presence of family, friends and from God. Your loved one is commended into God’s care and you can say your last farewell in a way that honours your loved one’s memory. If the coffin is present, a prayer to commit the body to be buried or cremated is said.

The Church has centuries of experience in standing alongside people at this very difficult time and we will do all we can to ensure that we give the person you have loved and lost a service that will honour them and comfort you.

In November, we hold an All Souls Service where the names of those who have died are read out and candles are lit in memory of them.

Everyone is welcome to join us at this service.

A Prayer
Loving God, you created each of us and gave us life,
please hold me and my loved one, now departed,
in the palm of your hand; and may we meet again
in the presence of Jesus Christ who loves us all.

Our Vision Statement

To welcome and embrace all who come into this beautiful ancient place of peace to be blessed, healed and equipped by God for the challenges of everyday life.