Car Park History

Keston Parish Church Car Park Improvement Scheme

It’s over three years since the scheme was approved in the summer of 2019

Unfortunately with Covid happening at the beginning of 2020, the focus for raising money to facilitate the improvement was almost forgotten as we dealt with the repercussions of dealing with the pandemic. The poster below was used to show givers what aspect of the improvement they could put their money towards. This was just a fun mechanism for us to show people what has been paid for and what still needs to be raised.

Although we have completed a considerable amount of the work and have indeed moved on and are currently completing more improvements, we still need to raise the money that was first advertised.

Where we have got to so far

Due to many generous donations, we are delighted that the planned expansion has doubled the size of the church car park, so we are now able to provide sufficient parking for larger events such as wedding receptions, funerals, major church services and classes.

Although the car park is useable and the major ground works have been completed, we still need funding to finish off the lighting, fencing and to improve the surface which is settling.

The start of the project

Car Park now twice the size it was

The new main car park gates

Pedestrian walk-way

pedestrian gate

Our Vision Statement

To welcome and embrace all who come into this beautiful ancient place of peace to be blessed, healed and equipped by God for the challenges of everyday life.