Latest Covid-19 post vaccine

March 5, 2021

Getting on top of Covid-19

With the success of the vaccine roll out and the fall in positive Covid-19 cases, it is with great joy, that we find ourselves in a position to return to church services starting from Sunday 14th March.

We will be returning with the strict booking system in place which was established prior to the last lockdown. Although churches around the country were not shut down by the government, we felt it was the right thing to do for our church because of the size and our limited space. There was also a sharp rise of cases in our area and a number of people linked to the church had tested positive.

In the time away from church, we have been continuing to record short services and putting those on the website. We have also distributed a number of publications and Rev Carol has managed to visit the doorstep of each person in our congregation and on our pastoral lists, whilst maintaining the correct Covid-19 restrictions.


Booking your place

If you are interested in attending our Sunday service, you must book by getting in touch with either Tricia Coward or Rev. Carol Morrison. Please also remember that by booking one week doesn’t automatically book you on following weeks. You need to book each Sunday service separately.



Tricia Coward on 01689 854373  [email protected]

Rev. Carol Morrison on 01689 853186  [email protected]

Our Vision Statement

To welcome and embrace all who come into this beautiful ancient place of peace to be blessed, healed and equipped by God for the challenges of everyday life.